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We provide various weighbridge data management software for printing weighment slips and generating reports. Customer can use either our Intelligent Terminal or a standard PC at their weighbridge for this purpose. The software choices are many for the both. Customer can choose the software from Ashbee library or can develop in house software for PC.

Weighbridge Software For Intelligent Terminal:

Ashbee Intelligent terminal model Beta is a rugged and sleek system specially designed for use in harsh and dusty environment of weighbridges. The software has been developed in such a way that it fulfills most of the requirements of weighbridge data management.

Features & benefits of Intelligent Terminal Model Beta:

  • Most suitable for harsh and dusty environments of weighbridges.

  • Free from viruses unlike in PC

  • Good visibility- Back lit LCD

  • High data storage 4200 records in standard configuration.

  • Operator prompting- Easy to operate

  • Standard IBM compatible keyboard

*Please refer datasheet of intelligent terminal for detailed information.
Various slip printing options for normal and pre-printed stationeries are available. Date-wise and vehicle-wise reports can be generated.

Sample Slips & Reports:


For the customers who want to use P.C. at their weighbridge for printing weighment slips and generating reports, Ashbee also offers simple, easy to operate weighbridge management software for PC. The software has been developed keeping in view most of the aspects that a genuine weighment software should have.

weighbridge management software snap shot

Different types of reports like material-wise, Party-wise, Supplier-wise and consolidated complete and incomplete weighment reports can be generated.

weighment reports snap shot


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