Weigh in Motion (Axle weigh Bridge)
Weigh In Motion
(Axle Weighbridge)

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weigh in motion
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Axle Weigh Bridge
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Axle Weigh Bridge
Multilane Toll plazas model
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Ashbee Model - 5000C WIM controller

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Ashbee manufactures in India weigh in motion axle weigh bridges (ASHBEE MODEL - WIM) based on the design of M/s Central Weighing Ltd., England. The critical components are imported from M/S Central Weighing. The weighing deck is fabricated in India based on the design of M/S central weighing.

Roads get damaged when overloaded vehicles pass over it. The effect of wear on the road of one 38 ton six axle lorry with legal axle weights is the same as 35000 cars. Axles overloaded by 20% can do up to 8 times the road damage of a correctly loaded axle. The best system to check over-loading is an axle weigher. An axle weigher weighs each axle. It is each axle which should be loaded within the permissible limit and not beyond.

Why weigh in motion?

To prevent damage to the roads it is important to ensure that the vehicles are not overloaded. The Indian Road Congress prescribes limits to which each vehicle can be loaded.
The limits are prescribed to which each axle can be loaded. It is one axle which is passes over to certain area of the road at one time. If this axle is overloaded, it causes extensive wear and tear and damage. It is therefore very important to weigh each axle. Since, vehicular movement cannot be stopped, weigh in motion systems speed up the weighing process. The vehicles are weighed while they are in motion and passing over the scale installed on the road. These systems are usually installed at border check posts, ports, toll plazas, entry point for bridges/tunnel/underpass etc.

Vehicle separator for Toll applications
Vehicle separator for Toll

Why does overloading occur?

    (Not understanding vehicle weights and limits)

    (No care taken with loading procedures)

    (Adding just 2 tones to a 20 tone truck load saves 1 load in 10, with savings in fuel and wages)

There is deck structure fitted with four load cells. It is heavy duty capable of weighing up to 40 tone axles. Load cells are usually of stainless steel , hermetically sealed to IP68 protection. This deck along with the load cell  are installed and embedded in the road or the access path. The deck is embedded on a suitable base through a process of civil construction. The approach and exit from the deck is a concrete base, aligned with the deck. The alignment is required to ensure that the level of the deck and approach road is at the same height. Suitable ground preparation is done so that the foundation is strong and the system does not sink under heavy loads. The deck is connected to a suitable instrumentation which has necessary electronic control circuitry. The instrumentation should be suitable for outdoors with IP66 protection. This control unit has a high visibility display of suitable height so that it can be viewed in daylight from a distance. The capacity of the axle weigher is 40 tones which means each axle can weigh unto 40 tones. Trucks of any dimension or any number of axle can be weighed in one go. The electronic control unit counts and displays the number of axles, weight of each axle and the total weight of the vehicle. The type classification and the permissible axle loads are pre-fed into the system. Whichever axle is overloaded it gets displayed on the system and the results can also be printed on a attached optional printer. Control unit has main display, alpha numeric keyboard, over speed display, real time clock and has a optional printer. The system can optionally be connected to Bar Code or RFID devices for automatic vehicle identification and tracking.Go to Top

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