Weigh-in-Motion Systems

Ashbee Systems Ltd. has been at the forefront of Electronic Weighbridge technology for more than three decades.

"Weigh-in-Motion systems are designed to capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights as vehicles drive over a measurement site. This makes the weighing process more efficient, and, in the case of commercial vehicles, allows for trucks under the weight limit to bypass static scales or inspection."

Slow Speed Weigh-in-Motion Medium Speed Weigh-in-Motion Vehicle Separator

Slow Speed

The Slow Speed Weigh-in-Motion System is designed to provide fast and accurate axle and gross weight information for all types of vehicles from light vans to the heaviest multi axle vehicles.

The Slow Speed Weigh-in-MotionSystem has capability to operate between 0 Km/h to 15 Km/h.

The System is capable of determining the Axle Weight, Gross Vehicle Weight and Vehicle Speed.

The System is platform based with Load Cell Based Weighing.

The System is capable of determining the Axle Weight, Gross Vehicle Weight and Vehicle Speed.

The Weighing Platform is heavy duty and robust. It is suitable for Indian conditions as heavy overloading occurs in India.

The Controller has high speed real time processor with real time data transfer ability.

The Controller has facility for continuous monitoring for any fault condition in performance of the load cells and should report any error or fault conditions.

Load Cells are Folded Beam Tension type, OIML Approved and Imported from UK.

Load Cell have Self-aligning designed especially for weigh-in-motion application. Can take weight readings fast as it stabilizes quickly.

  • High Speed
  • Bright OLED Display
  • Ethernet / Serial Connectivity
  • High Operational accuracy
  • IP 67
  • Imported from UK
Load Cell
  • Self-aligning design
  • Tension Type
  • IP 68
  • OIML approved
  • Imported from UK

Note : Specifictaions subject to change without notice.

Ashbee is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company

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