Weigh-in-Motion Systems

Ashbee Systems Ltd. has been at the forefront of Electronic Weighbridge technology for more than three decades.

Weigh-in-Motion systems are designed to capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights as vehicles drive over a measurement site. This makes the weighing process more efficient, and, in the case of commercial vehicles, allows for trucks under the weight limit to bypass static scales or inspection.

Slow Speed Weigh-in-Motion Medium Speed Weigh-in-Motion Vehicle Separator


Vehicle separator is used to detect start and end of vehicle in a lane. It is used for vehicle separation and to maintain a sequence of weight data of the vehicles passing through the toll lane.

IR sensors are used in vehicle separator system to detect vehicle presence, start and end. Logic controller card is used to provide 2 nos. potential free relay outputs. Depending on the sequence of interruption of IR beam, direction of movement of vehicle is decided by the logic controller card.

Vehicle presence is detected even if a single transmitter IR beam is cut, hence ensuring zero tail gating.


  • Vehicle separation
  • Forward Direction Detection
  • Reverse Direction Detection
  • Stationary Vehicle Detection


  • Logic IOs or RS232.

Note : Specifictaions subject to change without notice.

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